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Find the Perfect Stretch Wrap

Wrap items securely with stretch wrap to protect them for dings and scratches while moving. Also called pallet wrap and stretch film, this is ideal for protection of furniture or securing pallets. May be used in conjunction with moving pads.


Ecosublime Stretch Wrap (18 x 1100 Sq. Ft)


This roll features clear cling plastic that is 80 gauge thick. Industrial strength and durable.


Duck Brand Stretch Wrap with Handle (20 in x 1000 Ft)


Heavy, 70 gauge plastic wrap, sticks to itself and not your items. Convenient handle for easy application.


TotalPack Stretch Wrap (20 in x 1000 Ft)


Stretch wrap is 55 gauge thick and designed to stretch up to 300%, giving you more value for your roll.



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