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Protect Floors with Disposable Shoe Covers and Booties

Wearing booties, or disposable shoe covers will protect the client’s home from dirt and grease. This courtesy can help you avoid damage claims for stained carpets. We recommend earing booties whenever you enter a client’s home, but especially during winter months when snow, rain, and ice may cause your shoes to be extra filthy. To learn more about protecting floors during a move, visit the GoShare Dispatch Blog.


MyShoeCovers Premium Reusable Shoe and Boot Covers


This washable shoe cover can be used over and over again. Features a non-slip grip on the bottom to help with stability. The fabric is water-resistant. Made in the USA.


Oceantree Disposable Shoe Covers


This affordable pack includes 100 disposable shoe covers. Protects homes and flooring from any dust, grease, oil, or dirt on your shoes. The shoe covers are made from a water-proof plastic for extra protection. They are one-size-fits-all.


200 Pack LyncMed Shoe Covers


This 200-pack of disposable shoe covers is made from a woven, breathable material. The brand is water-resistant and will provide some protection, though is not water-proof like the Oceantree booties. These shoe covers are also not as slick as the all-plastic Oceantree booties and may be more suitable if you are worried about stability in your step.




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