GoShare Promo Code, Save $10 Per Friend Earn A Free Delivery - GoShare blank

Do you know anyone that needs a Friend with a Truck™?

Refer your friends to GoShare using your personal promo code. They’ll get $10 off their first delivery. And, after the delivery is complete, you’ll earn $10 in free GoShare credit. Build your credits to earn free deliveries.

Where to Find Your Promo Code

Log in to your GoShare account and select “Invite Friends”. Select the sharing icon to share your code via text message, email, Facebook, Twitter, and other leading social networks. The more friends you invite, the more free deliveries you can earn. So start sharing your GoShare promo code because everybody needs a friend with a truck.

Example of a Phone with GoShare Customer Sharing Code

Earn GoShare Credit

To track your GoShare credit, tap “Payment”.  You will earn a $10 credit for each friend that successfully completes a GoShare project using your code.

Need more help?

Follow along with this demo video to learn how to share your promo code.