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How to Add GoShare to Your Safe Sender’s List

Most email providers include some sort of spam filter meant to keep unwanted emails out of your inbox. Unfortuanately, this means that sometimes, emails you did want end up in your spam filter.

If you are missing emails from GoShare, please check your Spam or Junk folder to make sure the communications aren’t being filtered out of your inbox. If this is the case, by adding us to your Safe Senders list, you can tell your Spam Filter to ensure that any updates from GoShare end up in your inbox where you can find them easily.

Find your email service provider below and follow the steps to add GoShare to your Safe Senders list. For most providers, this simply means adding GoShare to your contacts. We suggest adding both and


If you are using gmail, go into your SPAM folder to locate the email from GoShare. Open the email and select “Not Spam” from the top of the page. Add and to your contacts list to prevent emails from ending up in spam in the future.

To read more, visit Gmail’s help forum.


If you are using Outlook, go to the Junk folder and find the email from GoShare. Click on the “Junk” icon and select “Never Block Sender’s Domain.”

outlook example


Select the email in your inbox or Spam folder. Right click the email and choose “Add Sender to Contacts”. Learn more on Yahoo!’s help forum.

AOL Webmail

Similar to Yahoo and Gmail, adding GoShare to your contact list will help ensure that our emails arrive in your inbox. To do so, click on the Addresses tab. From the “New” dropdown menu, select “New Contact.”

By making these updates, you’ll be sure to receive important messages from us about your account. For additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.