GoShare On-Demand Delivery & Moving App Launches in Indianapolis IN

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GoShare On-Demand Delivery & Moving App Launches in Indianapolis

GoShare On-Demand Delivery & Moving App Launches in Indianapolis

GoShare’s award-winning on-demand delivery app is now serving the Indianapolis area!

GoShare is bringing new convenience and efficiency to an old industry. Our proprietary technology creates a virtual fleet of logistics and delivery professionals that can be accessed by businesses and individuals on-demand.

Customer expectations are rising. It is no longer acceptable to have to wait days and weeks for the delivery of a new item. Customers want purchases delivered as soon as possible. Using GoShare.com or the company’s iOS and Android apps, users can have a delivery professional arrive on-site in under an hour.

Placing a project request is easy. Enter the time, date, location, and description of the item. Once you confirm, the request is sent out to a network of thousands of truck and van owners. Most projects are accepted in under two minutes. Vehicle options include couriers (small vehicles), pickup trucks, cargo vans, and box trucks. Delivery professionals can be hired to assist with furniture delivery, junk hauling, small moves, furniture assembly, last-mile retail delivery, job site deliveries, and more. If you need something moved locally in Indianapolis, GoShare is ready to assist.

All delivery professionals on the GoShare network have passed comprehensive background checks, must maintain a strong positive rating among past customers, and are backed by GoShare’s cargo and liability insurance policies. Once a delivery pro accepts the project, you can track the status of the project and pay upon completion- all the in the app. Delivery professionals will not only provide transportation, but they assist with loading and unloading as well. No more items left on the curb.

GoShare works with businesses to act as a virtual fleet, and directly with individuals needing delivery or moving support for personal projects. GoShare is the ideal solution for retail deliveries or peer-to-peer moves (such as a Craigslist pickup).

Businesses interested in partnering with GoShare should reach out to GoShare’s Business Development team to learn more about the solution and how our team can provide business logistics solutions.

To support the launch of this market, GoShare plans to add hundreds of truck and van owners to the platform in the area over the next few months. Pickup truck, cargo van, and box truck owners that are interested can learn more or apply to join the platform at www.GoShare.co/Drivers.