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GoShare Customer Testimonial

See why Audrey loves using GoShare!

GoShare: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Audrey: My name’s Audrey Winkle. I am a housing specialist and I oversee housing for some housing programs in San Diego County. There’s about 30 units total that I oversee, that house about close to 50 people.

GoShare: Tell us about your role in your organization.

Audrey: In my role as overseeing the housing, one of the big things I end up doing is moves, moving people in, moving people out, and even just moving furniture between units, or from the furniture store in. For a while we were using just regular moving companies and that was really pretty expensive for us because a lot of the moves we were doing weren’t huge loads, we weren’t moving in lots of furniture or lots of stuff. It was usually just a little bit of furniture, took up like a quarter of the moving truck.

GoShare: What was your experience with renting a truck?

Audrey: That’s a lot of work for you and a lot of liability to try to drive a huge vehicle like that, and then also have to do all the moving yourself, and loading up the vehicle and after you do all that yourself, all the time you spend is not exactly the cheapest either. I had to try to find something else that worked for me and in my job, where I could do these small moves affordably without a lot of liability to myself, and that’s when I found GoShare on the internet. It has just been a really, really cost-effective way to do these smaller moves in a really quick amount of time.

GoShare: What has been your experience with GoShare?

Audrey: The experience is really, really user-friendly. The website and the app are both really easy to use. You can schedule the drivers in advance, or if you need them urgently you can do that too. I know I’ve had to request ASAP and it’s always worked out. They have lots of different vehicle sizes, depending on if it’s a smaller move or a bigger one. I know I’ve used a small truck, or a big one, so there’s lots of options, and they usually accept your order real quick, so that’s all on the front end, done really easily and then when it comes to the move, they always notify you right away and it’s just a very easy experience. Working with the drivers is always friendly and I would definitely encourage people to do it.