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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Damage Claims from Pick-up to Drop-off

Nobody ever picks up cargo and thinks, “I’m going to damage my customer’s stuff”. Yet we constantly see damages that could have been easily avoided with some simple planning. Below are the top 5 ways of how to avoid damage claims.

1. Inspecting the Item and Documentation – The most important thing you could do to avoid damage claims is prevent them from happening in the first place. Whenever you pick up an item, please inspect it carefully. Record a short video or take some photos (this will serve you as documentation). If you see anything out of place or noticeably damaged prior to starting the project, please notify GoShare Customer Service before proceeding.

2. Loading and Unloading – Cover the item with blankets and secure it in your vehicle with straps to prevent it from getting nicks or scratched during the drive. Strapping it in tightly will also prevent it from falling out of the vehicle entirely. Make sure loose items such as cushions are secure inside your vehicle cab as well. Once you are all set to begin the drive, take a photo of the load on your vehicle as extra documentation.

3. Moving the Item Inside – Keeping the item covered through the delivery will prevent it from being damaged in the case that it bumps a wall or a doorway. Use the correct dolly or hand truck to move large items. Inspect the path inside before proceeding to ensure there aren’t any major obstacles. Do not force items through doorways or difficult angles, the customer should have accounted for this before ordering the delivery. Let the customer or GoShare customer service know about any issues if needed.

4. Inside of the Customer’s Home – Recognize the space you have around you, try to keep the item away from the walls and be careful moving around corners. Respect the floor below, do not push or slide anything on the ground. Be careful when placing items on the floor by softly placing them and not dropping them. Take strong proof of delivery photos to provide evidence that the delivery went smoothly.

5. Know Your Own Limits – If the item you are moving is much heavier than expected and is very difficult to move for you, the helper, or the customer helping you, stop what you are doing and reach out to our Customer Service team for assistance. If the customer forgot to mention stairs on a project or did not measure the dimensions, and you believe the damage will occur, stop and reach out to our team for guidance.