Harassment or Discrimination Complaint - GoShare

Confidential HR Complaint

GoShare believes all our employees, contracted workers and customers deserve to be treated with dignity, decency, and respect. Please click here to read our policy on harassment and discrimination.

If you have been a victim of harassment and discrimination while using GoShare, please fill out the confidential form below. It will be forwarded straight to our HR team for investigation. Any details, including names and project numbers, that you can provide are helpful to our team.

It is critical to us that everyone interacting through the GoShare platform feels safe, supported, and respected. We thank you for taking the time to reach out and alert us to any situation that is contrary to our company’s values and policies.

Form Instructions

Please fill out this form completely. Enter a name for your complaint in the “subject” line and include full details, including incident summary, project numbers, names, and dates in the “Complaint Details.”