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Freight Board for Cargo Vans and Sprinter Vans

Freight Board for Cargo Vans and Sprinter Vans

Are you looking for work opportunities to fit into your schedule for extra money? If you own a cargo van or Sprinter van, GoShare presents the perfect solution to finding hot shot loads. 

GoShare is an app that connects truck and van drivers to individuals and businesses who need help with moving and delivering large items on demand. 

Whether you’re somebody who owns a single Sprinter van or an owner-operator who runs an entire cargo van fleet, put your vehicle to good use and start earning through GoShare’s digital freight board.

The Disadvantages of a Traditional Freight Board

Most truckers and van owners are used to the traditional method of finding freight loads on hot shot freight boards. Unfortunately, these freight boards are filled with competitive drivers who undercut each other to capture the best jobs. 

In addition, the more complex freight boards typically charge an expensive monthly fee to use. If you choose to go the cost savings route, you can expect free load boards to have limited information with lesser LTL loads available. Fraud and scams are more rampant as well, with many unreliable freight brokers and shippers who prey on the unwary. 

And, it’s common for completed jobs on expedited van and truckloads to have a slow payout, taking up to several months before you touch your hard-earned money. If you run your own hot shot trucking business, this can be especially painful as cash flow is disrupted and your fleet’s fuel and maintenance costs pile up.

How is GoShare Different from Your Traditional Freight Board?

Technology in today’s climate has paved the way for cargo van drivers to find loads through more productive and efficient alternatives than traditional freight boards. GoShare is a perfect solution for hot shot truck and van drivers to earn extra income on their time. 

The GoShare app allows drivers to connect with individuals and businesses who seek delivery services by posting truckload LTL and van loads for moving and delivery. You might run into a construction worker who needs time-sensitive, expedited freight hauled to the job site. Or, a local retailer may seek help with last mile logistics and same-day deliveries of furniture from the warehouse to store. GoShare helps by compiling these hot shot freight projects into a simple, easy-to-use app for cargo van drivers who seek work. 

The process of searching for delivery van loads and finding freight to haul is streamlined and entirely digitized through the GoShare app. Acting as a virtual freight board, you may choose to accept or reject any project as you see fit. As an independent contractor with GoShare, you are never forced to work – be your own boss and create your own work schedule to fit your other daily needs. 

You can expect payment within five to seven days when driving with GoShare, which is much more efficient than normal truck freight loads that payout in 30 to 60 days. Plus, GoShare’s comprehensive insurance policy ensures that its drivers are kept safe and its loads are protected at all times.

Do you own a pickup truck, cargo van, or box truck/straight truck? Click here to learn more about GoShare and apply to join the platform.

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