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Find Available Truck Loads For Box Trucks and Cargo Vans

GoShare is a leading marketplace for truck owners, van owners, and delivery professionals to connect with local businesses who need help with last mile delivery, middle mile delivery, LTL freight, and hot shot trucking deliveries. Whether you own a few vehicles or a few hundred, GoShare is the perfect partner and platform to help you find loads to supplement your fleet business. GoShare has partnered with thousands of truck owners and businesses across the United States to the fastest and most reliable on demand delivery service focusing on big and bulky items. Our clients include retailers, automotive, food & beverage, solar, construction companies, wholesale distributors, and more. They use our truck loads app to connect with delivery professionals on demand. Fleet owners who partner with GoShare get access to daily truckloads available on our platform, helping them keep their drivers busy and their vehicles full. It is easy to get started, click the button below to apply. Our driver support team is available to assist you. Our fleet app partners go through a different onboarding process than individual owner operators. If you are looking for truck loads for single truck owner operators, please apply here.


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How Much Can I Earn?


Pickup Truck Loads

Average earnings of up to $80 per hour


Cargo Van Loads

Average earnings of up to $116 per hour


Box Truck Loads

Average earnings of up to $222 per hour

Do My Vehicles Qualify?

Why Join GoShare


Strong Earnings

Truck loads on the GoShare platform offer some of the highest per-hour earnings of any truck load app company.


Flexible Hours

Pick only the truck loads that work for your schedule. There are no penalties for declining truck loads through our app.


Weekly Pay

GoShare bills the customer on your behalf and deposits the money directly into your account. The average payout is less than a week.


We Handle The Details

GoShare provide, customer support, billing and communication tools. You can focus on what you do best, delivering truck loads.


You’re Covered

All truck loads booked through the GoShare platform are covered by our cargo insurance policy.

Minimum Requirements


All drivers must be at least 18 years old.


Vehicles must be year 2000 or newer and pass a vehicle inspection. No salvage titles.


Must be able to pass or provide background check for drivers.


Must have an iPhone or Android phone that is capable of running the latest version of the GoShare Driver mobile app.


Must have a checking account to receive direct deposit.


Drivers must be able to speak English.


All drivers must have valid license and registration in the state that you are applying from.


You must have minimum state insurance requirements and be compliant with local laws.

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